Car Review: Mercedes-Benz E 400 – Merc making life easy

For anyone who likes, or needs, a bit of help when they go for a drive, the Mercedes-Benz E 400 could be the car for you.

 You will need $139,900 to get into one of these super sleek saloons, but you’ll be hard pressed to be disappointed in what you get for that and what it can do pretty much all by yourself.

And if you aren’t impressed by its looks, I suggest you’ve misplaced your glasses or you have a serious case of a lack of taste.

The new E 400 4MATIC drives itself, parks itself, can change lanes on demand and has an emergency breaking system which stops it from a speed of 100km/h without you even touching the brake.

The good looks include 20-inch AMG alloys, LED headlights and a panoramic glass sunroof as standard.

There’s soft leather seats, a 13-speaker stereo, twin 12.3-inch hi-res screens taking care of the entertainment and info duties, heads-up display, heated front seats and… still one of my favourite features, multi-coloured and adjustable interior lighting to match, or set, your mood.

It all adds up to almost make you overlook what’s under the bonnet….. NOT.

Powering the E 400 is a potent twin-turbo V6 producing 245kW at 5250rpm and 480Nm from 1400rpm and it is coupled to a nine-speed automatic transmission and power sent to all four wheels.

That package can send this stylish saloon from 0-100km/h sprint of around 5.2 seconds and gives it an electronically limited top speed of 210km/h.

The E 400 4MATIC has a claimed fuel consumption rate of 8.4L/100km but you’re going to have to keep the drive selection on ECO to achieve those figures, which is a very hard task when you’ve got options of Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual to play with.

Whether you need a bit of help behind the wheel or you like to drive and enjoy a car that lets you do so, the Mercedes-Benz E 400 has you covered.

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