Car sharing to take off in Adelaide

As more people are working from home or leaving their cars at home while they’re at work, new venture Car Next Door has the answer to all your solutions with this easy to rent service.

Image credit: Car Next Door

Cars are one of our biggest expenses, yet data shows they sit on the side of the road gathering dust for 96 per cent of the time. Cars Next Door, a ride-share company new to Adelaide, has made it easier via their app to help you make some extra cash when you’re not using your car – which more and more people are able to do while they work from home.

Car Next Door is inviting a growing number of Adelaide locals, such as Emily Sun, from Brompton, who are taking advantage of this to make some quick cash.

The 26-year old copywriter listed her 2014 Volkswagen Polo on peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Car Next Door, which has just launched in Adelaide and has already made several hundred dollars renting it out.

“I’m surprised at how many bookings I’ve had,” says Emily.

“Since I work from home now, I thought it would be the perfect side hustle. I’ve also realised I don’t go out that much!”

Car Next Door has already been inundated with people in Adelaide joining the platform.

The average user makes $1000 a month from renting out their vehicles to friends and neighbours, with some bringing in over $10,000k a year.

The launch in SA comes in the wake of two failed car-sharing models, Go Get and Maven, which pulled out of the city in the last year.

Davies, the CEO of Car Sales Next Door, says car owners are finally being presented with a viable car-sharing option in Adelaide. 

“With snap lockdowns and jobs affected by COVID across the country, the business is seeing a flood of growth – and people wanting to car share as Australians look for ways to save on their expenses,” says Davies.

The share economy platform has seen a 245% increase in customers since the pandemic, with some 19,000 new users signing each month.

To find out more information, head to the Car Next Door website and Facebook.

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