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Carclew Youth Arts are looking for three local artists to receive scholarships which total over $35,000.

The Ruth Tuck Scholarship for Visual Arts, The Dame Ruby Litchfield Scholarship for Performing Arts and The Colin Thiele Scholarship for Creative Writing are each worth $12,500.

Carclew Youth Arts is South Australia’s biggest arts body for people aged 26 and under. Carclew works to transform and nourish creative minds and encourage young people to strive for new ideas and opportunities.

Carclew’s work includes funding programs for youth arts organisations, and grants for arts projects for the development of young artists. They award scholarships for exceptional arts practice and provide training and professional development for young artists. They also put forward programs that encourage community participation in the arts and regularly advocate for youth arts.

Carclew Youth Arts Scholarships Flyer

The scholarships are designed to help young, local, up-and-comers in the art world further their career. Applicants are to be no older than 26 and be able to show a body of work in their chosen field. “It’s not overstating it to say the Carclew scholarships, which are some of the largest on offer in South Australia, have been tremendously beneficial to the young artists who have received them,” said Tricia Walton, Carclew’s Chief Executive. “The money can be used for a wide range of activities, as long as they help the artist to progress in their chosen field.”

Matthew Sheens, the winner of the 2009 Dame Ruby Litchfield Scholarship, is using the money he got from the scholarship to help support himself as he studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts and says it has been a fantastic experience and it has exposed him to many new ideas and people. “I’d definitely encourage people to put in the effort to apply for these scholarships – there are no negative consequences and the process of applying can really help artists contextualise what they are doing and where they want to be.” says Sheens.

Applications close on the 1st of August so go to the Carclew Youth Arts website for more information.

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