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Caring for Aehee Australia

OzAsia Caring for Aehee ParkAehee Park
Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road
15 September – 17 October 2010

Caring for Aehee substantiates and acknowledges the basic principle, which travels through cultures as the core aspect of interdependence. In Parks exhibition mutual trust is a main feature as she entrusts the portrayal of herself to artists and curators. She explores the idea of peoples ‘perceptions and assumptions’ that is put upon one another. These are interesting works, which establishes the idea of ‘truth’ ‘time’ ‘perception’ and vulnerability. The artist explores the transient and flowing nature of existence, as she becomes an active participant in her own portrayal.

The projections, moving images and photographs evolved from Aehee Park’s experiences as Artist-in-Residence at the Cowwarr Art Space, Gippsland, in 2009.

The exhibits are colourful and animated photos, which expose the photo media artist from Seoul, Korea, as having a sense of fun and dedication of her practice. She explores different positions on how the artists wanted to portray her, ‘the reciprocal interactions of giving and receiving care’ and also the ‘by-products’ of this process.

The video is an insight and a behind the scene look, which culminated into a still work of images, titled, That’s it. The Glance or Gaze, 2004-2010. It is an interactive work that, on the viewer’s movement, Park’s eyes open wide to gaze at the viewer, or glance if one moves quickly. This piece is a light-enhanced work, establishing a connection between artist and viewer where, this time, the viewer becomes the one being looked at. Park, as a final act, chooses the works to be exhibited by choosing the image that the artist thought in their collection was their ‘biggest failure’. Park says in her artist statement that, ‘this allows me to escape – to be free from being categorised and fixed in someone else’s narrow conception’.

Reviewed by Gina De Pieri Salvi, Visual Art Critic, Glam Adelaide.

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