Cat Pee, Capsicum and Coconut

WineAt the Science Exchange Wine is appreciated for its subtle and complex flavours. Depending on the grape variety, region of origin and vineyard or winery practices, wines can have a wide range of flavours. Some people are prepared to pay large sums for wines with distinctive aroma and taste characteristics.

‘Arouse your senses’

Chemical compounds that give rise to aromas and flavours will be explained in this fascinating, presentation, with a unique opportunity to smell individual wine aroma components and to taste wines with particular flavour profiles. Learn how common sensory descriptions of wines relate to natural compounds also found in fruits, vegetables, spices … and even rubber and cat urine!

Presented in association with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute SA

Tuesday 12 October, 6–7.30pm

RiAus and RACI members: Free Students: $10
Non-members: $20 Booking essential (Limited places)

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