Cat Yoga Is A Thing And It’s Happening This Weekend

The best way to celebrate these regal creatures (and relax) may be through cat yoga.


Cat people are, dare we say, their own… breed. But loving cats is unfortunately a full time job and they don’t make it too easy for you. Your hand reaching out can either get you a rare lick and cuddle or an errant claw, embedded deeply into your skin.

This is why you’re going to go nuts over the idea of cat yoga. It’s an innovative therapy method that practice, Psychmed, introduced earlier this year to help people relax with an adorable kitty by their side. Have a look at the cats you’ll potentially be doing downward dog beside.

This weekend, Psychmed are hosting two cat yoga sessions to raise funds for Vinnies CEO Sleepout, an annual fundraiser that seeks to prevent homelessness.

There’ll be two cat yoga classes at Dulwich Hall and all sessions include morning or afternoon tea (scones et al) and a raffle featuring a range of prizes, from Charlesworth Nuts and Just Bliss Chocolate.

Cat Yoga classes will be happening on June 1 at 12.30am and June 2 at 2pm. Tickets are $25 and booking is essential.

There’s also a Cat Tai Chi session which will be taking place on June 2 at 10am, click here for more info.

Cat Yoga classes will be taking place at Dulwich Hall, 1a Stuart Rd, Dulwich, SA, 5065.

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