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CBD’s West End re-ignited with new Fringe hub, West Village

Introducing the West Village: an electric creative hub that will play host to over 410 shows across the month-long festivities from February 19.

The most exciting time of the year is upon us, and as the beloved Adelaide Fringe inches closer, we’re gearing up for a month-long run of cabaret, burlesque, comedy, dance and pure, unadulterated magic.

But this year, something new is coming – and it’s set to take the CBD’s Fringe season to the next level.

Introducing West Village: an electric creative hub with a difference, that will play host to over 410 shows across eighteen venues across the month-long festivities from February 18.

Initiated by Mercury CX, a collective of west end venues very quickly saw the opportunity to create something unique in the West and a collaboration was born with a mission to promote the unique experiences the west end has to offer.

The inaugural West Village initiative launching at Fringe 2022, will see the arts and cultural hub of the West End come alive, showcasing the diversity of the west of the CBD while putting its 18 dedicated venues on the map.

From day to night, watch the West End come alive with colour, eccentricity, performances and art.

“The west end is the home of artists, creators and makers, from day to night and all year round. We have a unique vibe and flavour, Boho meets sunset strip meets arty Soho, right here in the heart of Adelaide.,” Mercury CX CEO Karena Slaninka said.

“We’re excited to be launching West Village at Fringe 2022 and invite everyone to come along to experience all that we have to offer. There’s something for everyone, from galleries to music venues, a bookshop and cinema, comedy, cabaret, great bars and cafés, and a little bit of magic.”

From the Jam Factory to Nexus, West End Cemetery to Lion Arts Factory, The Lab, Arthur Art Bar and Peter Rabbit, Quick Steps Outdoor Ballroom to Carclew in the north Fringe-goers will be able to delight all their senses with a diverse range of shows, as well as great eateries, bars and cafes.

Headlining Mercury CX is Kevin Kopfstein’s brand new show, Smoke and Mirrors. Using his spellbinding magic and comedy skills, Kopfstein has crafted a show that will delight audiences of any age. Kick back in the luxe lounge bar pre-show and sip away on a Happy Houdini cocktail to set the mood for the evening.

Further Mercury CX highlights include Gordon Southern’s That Boy Needs Therapy – a gripping theatre performance based on a true tale.

“We’ve got a really diverse offering that includes cabaret, comedy, magic, film screenings and we’ve expanded our specialty cocktail offering that were such a hit at last year’s fringe,” says Karena.

Take a tour of West Village where you can also catch dance and physical theatre performances, see Motherhood: A Beautiful Nightmare podcast live, indulge in a backyard picnic at Carclew, get immersed at the Lab, enjoy So Mo’s Sunday service at Arthur Art Bar.

“It’s a re-invigoration and re-imagining of the West End,” says Karena.

“We’re hoping West Village will become a year round precinct and build its own momentum – so it’s not just for fringe but it exists for other events too… and we can activate the area throughout the year.

“That vibe of being a hub for creators, we really wanted to promote that idea and get that out to audiences.”

If choosing between the array of shows is too tricky to navigate, West Village will also have mini trails for Fringe-goers to embark on, hopping between the glittery venues under the creative banner.

Whilst Fringe has become synonymous with the east end in previous years, the West Village strives to bring the festival back to its roots and where it began in the 60s.

“Last year we experimented with putting on a show at the Mercury to test the waters and see if there was much interest from audiences in coming to the West End,” Karena said.

“What we found was a lot of enthusiasm for people wanting to see shows in other diverse locations across the city.

The West Village is proudly supported and brought to the CBD’s West End in conjunction with Adelaide’s Fringe Festival, the Australian Government RISE initiative and SA’s Arts Recovery Fund.

“Traditionally the West End of the City has always had strong Fringe programming…and this year with many new venues on board, it is great to see them all combining to activate the West End to make it another cultural hub for the 2022 Fringe,” Adelaide Fringe’s Heather Croall said.

“West Village stretches from Carclew to West Terrace Cemetery to AC Arts, and we encourage audiences to explore West Village and check out all it has to offer.”

The West Village will run from February 18 – March 20. Find out more information about what’s on and what’s hot here.

Find Mercury CX at Lion Arts Centre, 13 Morphett Street Adelaide, 5000. Keep up with their Fringe shows here, and with their latest news online and on Facebook

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