CD Review: The Fatherhood: Dreams Enough to Share

This easy listening debut CD of The Fatherhood features original catchy tunes. They’re a new South Australian indie folk/rock band that celebrates our State.

Local Adelaide band, The Fatherhood, launched their debut CD last month and, after multiple listens, it’s still on rotation in my CD stack.

The easy listening but catchy tunes of this indie folk/rock band celebrates South Australia with songs like Myponga Beach and Rain in the Mallee. All songs are original, written primarily by lead singer and musician Richard Brown. Other songs are by local southern celebrities Susan Oldknow and Mark Hallam, who also provide vocals and instrumentation. Guitarist Chris Finnen joins the band for the CD.

thefatherhoodcd200It’s obvious from the onset how much care has gone into delivering this fresh new sound, from the cover artwork, hand-painted by Oldknow, to the booklet insert that offers song lyrics, stunning photography and additional paintings.

Each member of The Fatherhood brings a wealth of individual experience from the Australian live music scene spanning decades of entertainment. It’s evident in every song. The sound is pure and raw with excellent harmonies and instrumentation. There’s no trace of the fake studio-produced sound so common in modern music. Listening to the CD is like being there, live. That said, the sound is sharp and the recording is clear. It’s not a recording of a live gig, although the purity of sound makes it feel that way.

Running at just under an hour, Dreams Enough to Share is a fantastic debut album that is bound to take pride of place in the collection of any lover of indie folk music. All 11 tracks are a joy, with its South Australian focus making each original song an admirable ode to our beautiful state.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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The Fatherhood’s debut CD, Dreams Enough to Share, is available now through The Fatherhood website.

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