Celebrate International Women’s Day with Boob Pots

Grab the girls and sip bubbles while making your very own boob-i-licious pot at this fun, creative event happening this weekend!

Photo credit: Sparkke At Whitmore Facebook

Dot Pots is holding a ‘Boobs and Bubble’s’ poetry workshop event With Sparkke at Whitmore this Sunday to celebrate International Womens Day.

The boobylicious event invites visitors to create their very own ‘booby pot’ and join the class for a glass of bubbles and a mini brunch. Dots and Pots wants their artists to love and accept every part of themselves and remind others to do the same.

Dot Pots are promising affirmation cards, self love and lots of cheeky pottery fun with $10 of every ticket going to support women experiencing homelessness with Catherine House.

The popular workshops offer a safe space for booby chested people to come and connect with their body through art and laughter with friends.

‘Dot Pots: Does My Nipple Offend You’ aims to raise awareness for local groups and services that support Australian sisterhood. They donate $5 from every pot made to organisations that support women communities.

Dots Pots run DIY pottery workshops across public events, with traveling party classes and events also available.

You can pick up your own booby or ‘tit pot’ from their website. The opportunity to design your own boob for them to handmake is also available. If you prefer to love the chest from home, you can order your own kits for you and your ‘breasties’ and host your own pottery party.

Founder Jessica Mason created ‘Does My Nipple Offend You’ to reach out to and connect with local groups in Adelaide who support those experiencing displacement in Australia. Jessica found a way to connect with her body through self taught art therapy, and support her local communities.

Catherine House is one of many services that have greatly benefited from the Dot Pot’s clay creations. They offer longer term accommodation and support services for women across Australia, with their programs providing trauma informed care. Catherin House aims to support women in planning a reliable future that sustains their housing situation.

‘Boobs and Bubbles’ will take place at Sparkke at the Whitmore 317 Morphett Street Adelaide this Sunday at 11:30-1:30.

Tickets are going for $75 with food and bubbles included.

To book click here.

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