Celebrate The Day Of The Dead With A Massive Charcoal Grill Off

Celebrate The Day Of The Dead With A Massive Charcoal Grill Off

It seems wholly appropriate given the theme of the day and Australia’s penchant for celebrating cultural events with food.


As Australians, we’re a little boundless when it comes to celebrating cultural events that aren’t our own, taking righteous patrimony that we MUST eat and drink our way through all of them. Let’s face it, Australians will find any excuse to go out and celebrate, why? The answer is nothing more than ‘because we can’.

So lets go ahead and point a few out shall we; there’s Oktoberfest, that we insist on being best mates with the Germans so we don’t have to justify eating 7 Bratwursts while we’re ‘on a diet’; Chinese New Year, which is basically an excuse to eat Chinese takeout every night, and lastly St Patricks Day, where every Aussie is quick to assume some ancestry to the bloody Irish so we can swear and drink pints of Guinness with them all day. It’s safe to say, we’re a swain for culture.

So while were spitting them out, I’m adding another to the list, Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead. A Central American day of remembering, praying and partying for friends and family who have passed away, oh, and naturally there’s food, lots and lots of food.

Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant on Magill Rd is hosting two Day of the Dead dinners with a 4 course set menu over the Friday and Saturday on October 28 and 29th. Providing nothing short of a Central American Fiesta, it will be accompanied by a host of entertainment including Tropico Band (Friday 28/10) and La Bomba (Saturday 29/10) on the stage. The set menu will guiding you through tastes of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and cuisines alike.

It seems wholly appropriate to be eating charcoal meat on ‘Day Of The Dead’. It certainly seems more culturally appropriate than the face painting. Anyway, bookings are filling fast so make sure you jump online here to secure your spot or call 8332 6599

Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant is located at 419 Magill Rd. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay across upcoming events.

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