Celebrating your wins with ‘Celebration Rings’ is the newest jewellery trend we all need in our lives

The diamond experts at Andrew Mazzone have noticed a growing trend in customers buying a ring for themselves to celebrate their milestone moments.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and as the years go on, the meaning behind this popular proverb only appears to be strengthening.

Traditionally, Celebration Rings were worn as a diamond wedding band or eternity ring given to women by their partners as a sign of commitment but nowadays, Celebration Rings are being used to commemorate any number of life achievements from graduating or landing a new job to buying a house or retiring.

CBD-based jeweller, Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers, has seen a rise in the number of Celebration Rings being purchased in the past few years with a growing trend of people purchasing diamonds as a gift for themselves.

“We’ve seen plenty of women come in and buy themselves a Celebration Ring as a personal reward for hitting a milestone or achieving something they’re really proud of,” says head jeweller, Andrew Mazzone.

A customary Celebration Ring was often adorned with the classic round diamond however, today’s rings are often modified to suit the wearer – something Andrew Mazzone specialises in.

“We can customise any ring to your desired specifications and all rings are available in a variety of different cut diamonds including oval, round and emerald cuts,” he explains. “All you have to do is choose your diamond shape and your favourite metal, either platinum, yellow, white or rose gold, and we can create it.”

The Mazzone family have been making beautiful diamond rings for over 60 years and has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted jewellers in the city with their expert consultants available to help you through all the options – because let’s be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming!

“We live and breathe diamonds so we’re so happy to help our customers find the perfect Celebration Ring to suit any style, taste and budget,” says Andrew Mazzone.

Of course, a Celebration Ring can still be used for its original intent of expressing love and worn as an anniversary ring or to accompany your engagement ring with the typical classic style one that never goes out of fashion.

Find out more about Celebration Rings or book in for a consult by getting in touch with Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers on 8223 5447 or visiting the website, Facebook and Instagram.

Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers is located at 21 Pulteney St, Adelaide.

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