Champagne gowns at beer prices, as designer label makes way for new collection

Designer gowns by couture+love+madness up to 90 per cent off at the Norwood store this Saturday May 27.

Australian bespoke label couture+love+madness has created show-stopper red carpet gowns for names like Danni Minogue, Lucy Durack, Michala Banas and The Veronicas – and for one day only, South Aussies can get their hands on a designer gown for “mates-rates”.

Making way for two new collections, crafted by designer Cristina Tridente, exquisite bridal gowns and a range of red-carpet stunners, will be offered for a fraction of the price this Saturday at couture+love+madness’ Norwood Parade store.

With a “minimum of 60 per cent off” pieces from the archives, prices range from as low as $100, with the formal gown selection ranging from sizes 6 to 14 and some “one-size” pieces.

“Some of these pieces were worn for about 20 minutes for promotional photo shoots, including one made for Danni Minogue,” Tridente said.

“It will be nice to see them go out to new homes.”

Two sale racks are all $300 or less, with some of the pieces retailing for over $2000.

Tridente’s love for fashion began at an early age and her designs are renowned for their impeccable classic cuts, embellished fabrics and attention to every little detail.

Her passion for couture shines through each of her garments, with the brand built on the aesthetics of elegance and beauty with a contemporary edge.

With her eye for detail and love of textured and beautiful fabrics, Tridente is dedicated to offering the highest craftsmanship in all of her pieces, with the specialty of bringing bridal visions to life.

Adding her personal touch to each couture+love+madness gown, she says they are all unique, with fabrics sourced from all corners of the world.

Cristina Tridente brings bridal visions to life, with fabrics sourced from all corners of the world.

The Sample Sale (which also ran last Saturday) is the first of its kind for the brand. A sneak-peak at the one-off styles on offer can be seen on the couture+love+madness Instagram page, which might also lure fashion fanatics from across the borders.

The new collection, being worked on right now, focuses on bridal gowns and red-carpet fashion.

couture+love+madness Sample Sale
When: Saturday May 27 1pm-5pm
Where: 258 The Parade, Norwood
For more info: Click here

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