Adelaide International Guitar Festival

Check out the world’s LARGEST guitar at Adelaide Guitar Festival

Building the Immersive Guitar

The world’s largest acoustic guitar is coming to Adelaide as part of the annual Adelaide Guitar Festival.

A fabulous mix of engineering, art, science and music, the Immersive Guitar is a true innovation.

Scaled at 11.5 to 1 (meaning it is larger than life, quite considerably), the acoustic guitar can be played and experienced from inside itself.

The design is informed by an inventive approach to music composition. As an instrument, it is designed to be played. Musicians and visitors alike create sounds by reaching up and plucking the strings which are strung across the sound hole and acoustically amplified by several soundboxes. As a performance space, the 25-person audience is rewarded with a novel, intimate setting that affords a deeper understanding of the instrument.

Musically speaking, TIG is not a super-sized guitar, but instead an entirely new instrument with new sonic and performative characteristics.

“TIG’s Groove” was the first piece – playing open string grooves that highlighted the amazing bass sound, accompanied by percussive explorations of the body of the instrument. To explore pitch variation, slide bottle techniques were incorporated and our playing approach developed in “Love in a Bottle”. The use of rattan sticks on the strings, coupled with fingered frets gave a rhythmic disco feel with micro movements of the stick opening up worlds of overtones. Bows also became a way to vibrate the entire inner space of TIG – soundwaves that could be felt when touching the body of TIG. Check out “Love in a Bottle”.

The Immerse Guitar is available for immersing in from 15th – 24th July.

The Adelaide Guitar Festival, led by Artistic Director Slava Grigoryan, is the most significant festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and now runs annually. 

Running from 9 – 24 July, festival goers can experience world-class guitarists coming together to deliver an exciting program of events.

The festival is made up of regional roadshows, free and low-cost workshops, master classes, artist’s talks, panel discussions and ticketed performances showcasing the world’s finest guitarists at Adelaide Festival Centre and throughout South Australia.

Country regions to be visited are Elliston, Streaky Bay, Tumby Bay, Cleve, Watervale, Crystal Brook, Edithburgh, Eleanor Downs, Wallaroo and Gumeracha.

Adelaide Guitar Festival - Immersive Guitar

The Immersive Guitar Creative Team: 
Karin Schaupp (QCRC) – Artistic Co-Director and Performer 
Professor Vanessa Tomlinson (QCRC) – Artistic Co-Director and Performer 
Jim Redgate – Luthier/Instrument design consultant 
Bruce Wolfe – Architect 
Dr Hassan Karampour (SEBE) – Structural Engineer

“THE IMMERSIVE GUITAR is an instrument, a meeting place and a space for contemplation and conversation.”

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Adelaide Guitar Festival is running from 9 – 24 July 2022.

Tickets are FREE, but you need to book here.

More info on the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

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