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Check out this crazy 1kg schnitzel pizza from Big Shed Brewing

The Royal Park microbrewery is now serving a massive schnitzel with pizza toppings for your weekend cravings.

Big Shed Brewing thinks you’ll love its schnitzel pizza––dubbed a “schnizza”–– more than whatever else you were planning for this weekend. 

“Cancel your dinner plans,” the suburban brewhouse writes. “You want this instead!”

The massive chicken schnitzel weighs in at 1kg and is topped with salami, ham, pepperoni, napoli sauce and mozzarella, with the schnitzel as the “dough.” 

The schnizza is sliced into eight pieces for easy consumption and is available for dine-in, pickup and delivery. If you head into the brewery to eat, you can enjoy the crazy combination alongside Big Shed’s crazy combo drinks, such as Golden Gaytime ice cream stout and cherry sparkling cider. 

The massive meal is $30 and can be shared by more than one person.

“It’s designed to serve two, or one really hungry person,” Jules Kazmierczak, Big Shed’s admin and events manager, jokes. 

The dinner special will be available this weekend until sold out.

View the brewery’s Facebook page here.

Find Big Shed Brewing Concern at 1154 Old Port Rd, Royal Park.


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