Check out up-and-coming SA band Big Uncle Love Bus and its cruisy tunes

The Adelaide-based 5-piece just released a single and is set to release debut EP “BULB” on Feb. 26.

South Australia-based Big Uncle Love Bus’ unique name may be memorable, but it didn’t come about from a notable story like you might expect.

“Our drummer just jumbled words together until he got it,” says Sonny Puglisi, the band’s piano and sax player. “We were almost Sidewalk Wheelie Bin.”

And fortunately for us listeners, the band’s sound is as memorable as its title.

On its Triple J Unearthed page, the group describes its genre as an indie, pop, and rock blend, and its three singles––Dog in the Sky, Abe’s Odyssey, and newly released Shelf Life––have a cruisy, lighthearted sound.

Four of the quintet’s five members––Lochie Charlton, Sonny Puglisi, Matt Marschall, and Sean Ambrose––started out as a garage band after growing up together in Port Lincoln. They later met singer and guitar player Robby Bartee through university in Adelaide, and the group began playing at venues around the city, such as the Exeter, Jive, and Lion Arts Factory. The group even played in Marksenfest alongside Spacey Jane.

The group is now set to release its acronym-named debut EP, BULB, on Feb. 26 despite a year of COVID-19-induced setbacks. But, despite the delays, the band members are determined to see silver linings.

“The EP got delayed with everyone having to retreat home,” Puglisi says. “But good things came from it; We would’ve rushed into releasing it if COVID didn’t happen.”

“It sucked at the time, but it’s for the best,” Bartee agrees.

“Our music is way better now than it was a year ago. We really found our sound.”

Puglisi attributes the band’s developing yet increasingly solidified sound to the members’ upbringing.

“We’re all from country towns, so I think our relaxed environment growing up formed the music we make,” he says.

“We experiment with new stuff, but I think most of the music we make goes back to where and how we grew up.”

BULB plans to carry their relaxed music and mentality with them in 2021.

“We really want to go interstate, but nothing has worked out the way you’ve wanted it to over the last two years, so I’m pretty keen to relax and see what happens,” Bartee says.

“Hopefully things work out with the EP and COVID,” says Puglisi. “I’m keen to go full speed ahead doing gigs and merch.”

Listen to Big Uncle Love Bus’ singles on Spotify, and look out for the group’s EP on Feb. 26.

Find Big Uncle Love Bus on Facebook and Triple J.

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