Chefs on Wheels goes green with sustainable packaging

Adelaide-based meal delivery service Chefs on Wheels has announced sustainable packaging after celebrating their first birthday.

Photos: Chefs on Wheels.

It’s official: Green is the new black!

Adelaide-based meal delivery service Chefs on Wheels has announced new and improved packaging that’s better for the environment.

“We’re replacing the tried and true black trays with the new, evolved packaging,” says Jimmy Day, the director of Chefs on Wheels. 

“They’re not only recyclable, but from recycled materials.”

The new trays, which house and safely transport ready-to-eat, famous chef-made meals right to your door, are now made from 85% post-consumer material (AKA Sprite bottles), as shown by the green finish of the trays. They’re also 100% recyclable. 

They’re on a mission to have100% of the company’s packaging sustainable, recyclable, or compostable by the end of this year.

Chefs on Wheels, which just celebrated its first birthday, was founded by Annabelle and Paul Baker (formerly of the Botanic Gardens Restaurant) and Jimmy Day. They launched with industry giants such as Terry from Soi38, Emma from Sparkke at the Whitmore, and Jonny from Abbots & Kinney during the initial COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last year, they’ve kept 24 hospitality staff members employed throughout COVID-19 lockdowns, received more than 12,000 customer orders, produced more than 60,000 dishes, and have totaled more than 64,000kg of food.

Now, they can continue rolling out delicious meals (including their new Easter specials) in packaging that’s green––in more ways than one. 

Visit Chefs on Wheels here.

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