City of Adelaide Community Reduces Carbon Emissions By 19%


South Australia’s leadership in renewable energy and efficient green buildings have combined to reduce the carbon emissions from the City of Adelaide’s community by 224,000 tonnes (19%) since 2007, equivalent to taking 50,000 medium sized cars off the road.

These results have been achieved despite Adelaide City having the highest average annual population growth by Local Government Area between 2008 to 2013.

Rapid uptake of roof top solar and over $5.5 billion of investment in wind farms have transformed South Australia’s electricity supply into a clean energy system. This ‘greening of the grid’ has reduced the carbon impact of South Australia’s electricity supply by 31% between 2004/05 and 2013/14.

Dr Adrian Stokes, Adelaide City Council’s Program Manager, City Sustainability and Park Lands is pleased the community’s years of hard work are delivering results.

“Results like this demonstrate the benefits of long term planning, industry leadership and a commitment to implementation,” said Adrian.

“South Australia and the City community, particularly commercial property owners, have demonstrated that renewable energy and green buildings are highly effective strategies to reduce carbon emissions.”

“Adelaide City Council is leading by example through major investments in reducing energy and carbon emissions from its buildings and other operations.”

“Energy efficiency upgrades in buildings and public lighting have reduced Council’s own energy consumption by 10.3% since 2009/10. In 2013/14, energy efficiency projects saved Council $406,000 on electricity bills and reduced carbon emissions by approximately 1,500 tonnes,” said Adrian.

Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, the Honourable Ian Hunter MLC says the City community as a whole should be applauded for the way it has embraced renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“The City of Adelaide stands as an example of what we can achieve as a community in our response to the challenge of climate change” said Minister Hunter.

“A 19% reduction in community carbon emissions is a significant achievement and a timely example for other capital cities and community leaders.”

“The Government’s commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2025, and $1.9 million contribution to enable the establishment of Building Upgrade Finance, will support the City of Adelaide community to build and consolidate its reputation as leaders in energy efficiency and carbon reduction” he said.

To find out more about Energy and carbon emission inventories at Adelaide City Council go to

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