Clever Tips To Create A Personalised Positive Morning Ritual

Brighten up your days with a positive morning ritual. Check out some tips here on how to personalise your very own ritual here…


Just a friendly reminder, it is only Tuesday!! If that leaves you feeling a little depressed, then maybe you need to create a personalised positive morning ritual.

Dr Suzy Green, Founder of the Positivity Institute, in collaboration with Nespresso, has put together a list of ‘positive morning tips’ that are sure to help you breeze through your mornings and leave you enjoying your day at work a lot more!

With research showing that 7 in 10 Australians say that their morning ritual is important in ensuring they have a positive start to the day, and yet 8 out of 10 Australians state that at times they feel so rushed in the mornings that they are unable to take time to prepare for the day.

But how do us Adelaideans fare? Well, 35 percent of us South Aussie’s frequently or always feel rushed and unable to properly prepare in the morning. So really, this list could just be the thing you need to boost your energy levels, help you feel more prepared and organised, and generally just better about life.

Create your own bespoke morning ritual

Creating and committing to positive morning rituals can provide many physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits. To create meaningful change, consider your motivation for implementing a ritual – whether it is wellbeing, fitness, success or something else.

Make time every morning for your ritual

Whether you have a brief 15 minutes or a golden hour, set aside some time every morning for your ritual. With only a couple of minutes you can create a healthy (green) smoothie/juice, but with more time you can practice yoga, tai chi, or take a walk outside.

Embrace your inner early bird

Research shows that early birds get more done, so avoid hitting the snooze button! Even though rising early may be hard at first, it can take up to two months to make or break a habit so stick with it.

Master meditation

John Kabat-Zinn, researcher and creator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction recommends that you top and tail your day with mindfulness meditation. Find a quiet space and shut out the stresses of the outside world for a couple of minutes while focusing on your breathing, body and emotions.

Visualise success

You’ve heard the saying ‘seeing is believing’, now it’s time to put it into practice! Visualise your best possible day or self – having an ideal to work towards helps inspire you to turn dreams into reality.

Stretch your body

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Flexible body, flexible mind”? Work towards achieving a flexible body by learning some simple yoga poses. Salute to the sun, the warrior pose, and the tree pose are great for beginners.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is simple, powerful, and scientifically proven to boost your mood. Use a journal to identify five things that you’re grateful for every day – think about the small things like sitting in the sun for 10 minutes or enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.

Set your intention

Decide on a daily focus – perhaps you want to accomplish something specific or develop a personal quality. Write down your intention and place it in your wallet or on your desk so you’re constantly reminded of it.

Use a to-do or task list

Our brains like to work to targets, so if you can take five minutes to prioritise your tasks for the day, you’re more likely to achieve them. There’s also no better feeling than ticking off completed tasks! Don’t over do the list – select some “small wins” for the day – perhaps the top three activities you’d like to achieve.

Keep a journal

Journal writing is a great way to express emotions, particularly for those of us who find it hard to talk about feelings. Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” believes that the act of creating a few “morning pages” of longhand writing helps you clear the mind in preparation for the day ahead.

Eat a good breakfast

Eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast to fuel your body. When you’ve eaten properly in the morning, you’ll be more efficient in just about everything you do. It will also help prevent a mid-morning slump and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Be prepared

Make your mornings easier by preparing your clothing, gym kit, and to-do list before you go to bed. This will allow you to remove any minor decision-making and instead focus on setting a positive mindset for the day.

Uplift yourself

Take a moment to read something uplifting like poetry or strength cards or listen to some inspiring music. Research from the Positive Emotions Lab shows that positive moods lead to increased creativity, improved immune function, and greater resilience.

Give yourself a morning heart-starter

Complete your positive morning ritual by enjoying your favourite coffee, maybe a cheeky, little cup of Nespresso? Most of us already enjoy a morning brew, but taking five minutes to treat ourselves sets us up for the perfect day.

Your day should be looking brighter already and you should enjoy creating and benefiting from your very own positive morning ritual!

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