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Pub embraces cereal cocktail trend with new Coco Pops martini

Tower Hotel has made our dreams come true with the newest addition to their menu: a Coco Pops Frozen Martini!

There’s a new and exciting cocktail on the market! 

The team at Tower Hotel have come up with a fun new creation to bring some whimsy into your happy hour. 

Introducing the Coco Pops Frozen Martini, and yes, it is as good as it sounds. 

The creative bartenders at Tower Hotel let a whole box of Coco Pops soak for an hour in their mixture of Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur, Brown Creme De Cacao and Baileys to make the milk extra chocolatey, and then turned this concoction into a frozen martini. 

Let’s be honest, Coco Pops reign supreme as the best sweet breakfast cereal. Who’s guilty of eating them straight from the box as a kid? It can’t be just me. 

Now, Coco Pops can be enjoyed outside of breakfast, with this cocktail being the perfect option for those who want to enjoy a drink but still have a sweet tooth.

With the Coco Pops signature chocolatey flavour and the mix of liqueurs, this cocktail is sure to be the best of both worlds. 

Tower Hotel is well known to locals as being a great spot for a drink and are no strangers to a creative cocktail.

In the past, they have come out with delicious drinks such as a Frozen Lamington Espresso Martini, Frozen Toblerone cocktail and Paddle Pop Martini, which have all been big hits.

You can find Tower Hotel at 621 Magill Road, Magill 5072.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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