Codehire Cup Final + Networking

Come and support Adelaide's top coders while they battle it out for prizes and glory!

The Codehire cup begins this weekend and will culminate in a fury of hypens, underscores and curly braces at The University of Adelaide on the 27th of September.

There will be three short rounds of competition and while the coders smash keyboards the rest of us mere mortals can network, learn and otherwise watch in awe.

The evening will be hosted by Adelaide Entrepreneur and Incriptus CEO, Trevor Glen and will feature a short talk by Codehire founder Daniel Draper.

The winner will be presented on the night.

Register Here (even if you don't code!)

What is Codehire?

If you haven't come across Codehire yet, then you've just found a new way to for coders and companies to connect. Learn more here.

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