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New brunch spot Tangkaira opens with focus on native ingredients

The success of Coffylosophy has inspired husband and wife team Neha Chaudhary and Harsh Mehta to open up a second store and it sounds incredible.

Coffylosophy is one of Adelaide’s most popular cafes, with the Hutt Street establishment a stalwart in the Adelaide brunch scene.

It’s this success that inspired husband and wife team Sneha Chaudhary and Harsh Mehta to open up a second store, and it sounds incredible.

Their new place, Tangkaira, will still be predominantly a brunch restaurant but this time it will have a focus on native ingredients.

Sneha said part of the inspiration came from their couple’s trips interstate to check out the brunch scene in other cities.

“We travel a lot interstate to just to try out different brunch scenes in different city and states,” said Sneha.

“We were particularly impressed with how other places used native ingredients in a brunch space.”

Tangkaira is the Indigenous name of Hurtle Square where the restaurant will be, and Sneha and Harsh wanted to pay homage to that.

Sneha says she doesn’t think many diners will expect to see native ingredients on a brunch menu, as they are usually reserved for fine dining.

“We thought how about we use native ingredients in a casual way,” she says.

“We don’t want to make it very intimidating, it’s just a subtle thing on the menu where we are celebrating the history of the land we are on.”

“When you order something like bacon and eggs, you’d usually have salt and pepper, but at our restaurant, it might be something like eggs with Salt Bush Dukkah.”

Sneha and Harsh knew that they would need a chef who had experience with cooking native ingredients, and they’ve managed to find a chef who previously worked at Red Ochre and The Inglewood Inn.

The husband and wife duo have been looking to expand their restaurant portfolio, and when a friend offered them the space at hurtle square, they knew the opportunity was too good to pass up.

The restaurant will also feature Indigenous inspired murals by artist Nicole Black.

The opening date isn’t set in stone yet, but Sneha and Harsh hope to be open by mid-May.

Sneha knows how busy the Mother’s Day trade is at Coffelosophy and wants to open after that so they can ease into business.

Tangkaira will initially just open during the day but Sneha and Haste eventually hope to open two nights a week.

Check out the website here for updates.

When open you’ll be able to find Tangkaira at 44 Hurtle Square.

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