Cold Blue severe weather activation extended across South Australia

In response to the ongoing harsh weather conditions, South Australia has extended its Severe Weather Activation until 9 am, Tuesday, December 12.

In response to the ongoing harsh weather conditions, South Australia has extended its Severe Weather Activation, initially activated on Friday, December 8, until 9 am, Tuesday, December 12. This critical measure aims to provide essential support to rough sleepers throughout the state, ensuring their safety and well-being during this challenging period.

The activation covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Adelaide Metro
  • Upper Spencer Gulf
  • Copper Coast
  • Clare Valley
  • Murraylands
  • Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Kangaroo Island

In Adelaide, several locations have stepped up to offer additional support, accommodation, food, and other vital services to those living on the streets. These include:

  • Baptist Care’s Westcare Centre: Offering overnight accommodation from 1 pm. Located at 11/19 Millers Ct, Adelaide.
  • Toward Home the Resolve Team: Providing extended outreach support today until 7 pm.
  • Hutt St Centre: Additional support available today until 4 pm, located at 258 Hutt St, Adelaide.
  • Adelaide North West Homelessness Alliance: Conducting assertive outreach from 5-7 pm.

Authorities and service providers are collaborating with regional Specialist Homelessness Services and stakeholders to implement a localised response, adhering to established protocols.

Homeless Connect SA remains a vital resource, operating 24/7. They offer assistance to anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness. Individuals in need can reach out to Homeless Connect SA at 1800 003 308 for support.

Nat Cook, Minister for Human Services, highlighted the dangers posed by the current weather conditions. “Storms, wind, and rain pose real risks to the vulnerable rough sleepers in our communities across the state. Stay away from waterways, including riverbanks and even dried-up creek beds,” Cook advised.

Emphasising the importance of the Severe Weather Activation, Cook added, “The Severe Weather Activation will help them stay warm and safe and protect their belongings from the weather.”

Cook also urged the community to be vigilant and proactive in helping those in need. “Please call Homeless Connect SA, if you are or know someone who is a rough sleeper,” she urged, highlighting the critical role of community support in these challenging times.

The extended Severe Weather Activation not only offers immediate relief but also underscores the broader issue of homelessness, encouraging community involvement and support. By providing shelter, food, and essential services, the state ensures that rough sleepers are not left to face the harsh weather conditions alone.

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