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Colour and Style at Bowerbird’s Opening Night

Over a 150 designers and artists on display, workshops and activity stalls and a whole pavilion filled to the brim with beautiful objects of all kinds – it’s Bowerbird.


Reviewed 07 May 2016

Over a hundred and fifty designers and artists on display, workshops and activity stalls and a whole pavilion filled to the brim with beautiful objects of all kinds… Oh my! It could only be Bowerbird.

BBThe twice-yearly, seasonal design market (no, design extravaganza!) is back again, bigger and more colourful than ever. Since it’s early beginnings in the misty days of 2009, where it was held in the old Queen’s Theatre, the Bowerbird Market has become the event for Adelaide designers and artists and for interstate and international visitors.

I went along to the opening evening of the Bowerbird market to soak up the atmosphere and get a taste of what is currently on offer and was rightly impressed. Being rather hungry, I headed straight for the back of the pavilion where nine fantastic food stalls and a well-stocked bar sat waiting for waves of customers. Everything looked (and tasted) scrumptious and, surprisingly for a major public event like this, reasonably priced. You’ll also find tastings of heavenly chocolates, sweet, traditional lemonade and other goodies around the place, if you’re up for a bit of dessert.

BB1The real stars of the show are, of course, the designers themselves. You’ll find everything you’ll ever need to make your living spaces hip, fresh and funky within Wayville Pavilion this weekend. From creative lighting supplied by the “sehr Berlin” Heiss + Kalt Konzept or charming Little Mountain Lightbox Co. to magnificently crafted pottery of designers such as 3 Degrees West or Ana Jensen Ceramics. For something a little stranger, check out You, Me and Bones, makers of baby-doll head candles and brain shaped sweets, or maybe Hannakin’s loveable art dolls with their third eyes and alien patterns.

If you’re wanting to get a bit dressed up, there are all manner of amazing clothing options at Bowerbird. Hey Reflecto offers a wide range of creative hi-vis gear for all you cyclists out there, while Millicent Elizabeth offers high-fashion pieces created from natural fibres. You’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to jewellery as well.

Also on display, for the first time, are Insitu room installations put together with bits and pieces from all over the market. These installations really give you a sense of what can be achieved with a bit of creative planning and an eye for detail. Parents can be comfortable in the knowledge that their kiddies will also be catered for, with a number of creative kids’ activity areas.

Though the event is now, unfortunately, sold out, a number of lucky mums will be treated to High Tea, Bowerbird style by el Limon. But don’t despair, you’re bound to find that special Mother’s Day gift here somewhere.

Be prepared for a blast of colour, clean-cut geometric shapes and vibrant art when you walk into Wayville Pavilion this weekend. Bowerbird is a feast for the eyes, an inspiration for all you trendy Adelaidians out there and a pleasant reminder that creative, contemporary design has definitely taken over!

Read all about Bowerbird here!

Reviewed by James Rudd
Twitter: @james_wrr

BOWERBIRD – Adelaide’s Design Market

Autumn/Winter Market 2016

6th, 7th, 8th May

Wayville Pavilion, Adelaide Showground, Wayville


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