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Love A Golden Gaytime? Wait Till You Try This Beer!

This locally made dessert beer changed the lives of countless, but it’s starting to run out. So we need to let Big Shed know how much we loved it!

We don’t mean to alarm you, but the lads of Big Shed Brewing Concern have brought us a seriously tasty treat in dessert beer form: Golden Stout Time.

The Golden Gaytime stout is rich with flavours of honeycomb, caramel, chocolate and toffee, reminiscent of Australia’s favourite crumbly ice cream. These sweet flavours are balanced perfectly with bitterness and a slight hint of hops. True to a stout, this rich and deeply satisfying beer is best enjoyed in the cooler weather.

Golden Stout Time ended up coming third out of well over 100 entries in the Great Australian Beer Spectacular in Melbourne. The beer absolutely flew from their Royal Park brewery and stockists alike, breaking hearts nationwide. Availability of this tasty treat is dismal and to deny adults this beer is to deny a child a Golden Gaytime – just plain cruel.

When Big Shed asked the online world if they should brew more the answer was a resounding yes. Kegs have been rolled out across a number of South Australian stockists including The Gilbert Street Hotel and Ancient World but it rarely sticks around for long.

So, this is our call to arms – guys can you make us some more of the stuff?! Because we’re seriously in need!

Check out their website here for the remaining South Australian stockists. But for the moment, if you love this beer as much as we do, like and share this article on Glam Adelaide’s Facebook and let’s see if we can get the guys back into the brew shed to make us all some more of the revelation that is Golden Stout Time.

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