Come Out Back And We’ll Show You .dom cbd

Opening next week, Bistro Dom are adding an alleyway lunch servery dishing up incredible Spanish inspired take away dishes. Because Adelaide isn’t spoilt for choice enough…

It sounds like a line from The Sopranos, but we assure you that Bistro Dom are of a far better intention than any character that featured across the six season of the HBO hit. They want to show you something delicious, something you haven’t tried before, a new place to visit and be seen. That’s everything Adelaide wants, right?


Located at the rear of Bistro Dom is a new lunchtime only eatery, with a particular focus on take away Spanish inspired lunches. Boasting a menu created by their nationally recognised and acclaimed Head Chef, Luke Southwood, it’s not like the West End needed to be spoilt for choice any further, but .dom cbd promises just that.

“We’ll be plating up the very best quality food that’s quick and easy to eat,” says an enthused Southwood. “There will be traditional Spanish garlic prawns from the Spencer Gulf, an open steak sandwich with prime beef fillet on house made sourdough, fresh South Australian squid with sepia mayonnaise and lemon emulsion and warm quinoa and ocean trout salad. It will be completely unparalleled to any other lunch on-the-go option.

“I love Spanish food and don’t believe there is anything out there at the moment quite like what we will be giving Adelaide.You’ll be able to hold the food with one hand and eat it with the other – just as Spanish tapas is intended.”

.dom CBD

Bistro Dom Head Chef Luke Southwood.

Bistro Dom Head Chef Luke Southwood.

Opening on Friday, July 15 and located in a semi-hidden servery on Halls Court, which can be found off Waymouth Street down Cordwainers Lane, and from King William Street along Savings Bank Place or Anster Street, they’ll be open 4 days a week. Tuesday to Friday. Monday will inevitably end in tears.

.dom cbd will officially open on Friday July 15.

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