Comedy Review: Darren Sanders Live in Adelaide

With 20 years on TV, film and at most of Australia’s premiere comedy clubs, Darren Sanders’ experience showed during his one night only performance.

DarrenSandersPresented by Adelaide Comedy
Reviewed 10 January 2015

Darren Sanders has been performing comedy for over 20 years on TV, in film and at most of Australia’s premiere comedy clubs and this extensive experience certainly showed during his one night only performance at the Rhino Room.

Sanders has developed a relaxed and confident style that allows the audience to forget that his jokes are scripted as they flow naturally with fast paced delivery and complete relevance. It feels like his show hasn’t even started yet and he’s just having a chat with the audience.  Handling hecklers with ease and expertly managing to incorporate almost every distraction and observation into his show, Sanders makes it look easy, just like every good stand up comedian should.

Like most entertainers, Sanders material is made up of things familiar to him: he covers topics that he finds amusing including his observations of the ridiculousness of soccer.  He also jokes about the things that dominate his personal life including his previous performances on cruise ships, his absolute hate of his ex-wife and his current dating dramas, which also included a hilarious and revoltingly detailed description of trying to hold in gas for the entirety of a first date.

Sanders succeeds because he is genuinely funny and that makes it possible to forgive the occasional inappropriate or misogynistic joke. The Rhino Room provided an excellent atmosphere and the audience were in high spirits and looking for laughs, and with Darren Sanders they certainly found plenty to make them chuckle.

Reviewed by Ceri Horner
Twitter @CeriHorner

Venue: Rhino Room
Season: 10 January only
Duration: 75 minutes


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