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Reviewed 28 May 2014

From fun to funny, Adelaide Comedy’s gigs at suburban pubs are a sure-fire way to brighten a winter’s night if Wednesday’s line up at the Marion Hotel was anything to go by.

Hosted by the incomparable former Triple M breakfast presenter, Justin Hamilton, his fine-tuned delivery of jokes set the scene for a night of laughs culminating in Mr RAA himself, the Wog at Work, George Kapinaris.

Hamilton opened the evening by delivering punchy tales of woe about aging, car accidents, drugs and ugly babies. He owned the audience from the outset, inviting them to share his pain not just through his controlled interaction but by keeping all of his stories relatable. His quick wit shone most through his snappy comebacks to the audience, never once making anyone uncomfortable.

Four guest comedians followed before the headline act, teasing with quick 10-minute samplers of their routines. The delightful Matt Vesely unveiled his paranoid personality and hatred of Adelaide’s former Britannia Roundabout, while Rich Naberhood proved to be one of the highlights of the night with his achingly funny stories of growing up in Elizabeth, the recent Royal visit and talking in acronyms.

Lewis Dowell had a hard act to follow after the host-with-the-most-jokes, Hamilton, returned to the stage with stories of technology, things that drive him crazy and a hysterically funny enactment of married couples getting into bed at night. Perhaps the least experienced of the performers, Dowell’s fun routine about eggs, binge drinking and jobs he hates was perhaps better suited to a younger audience than the one he had on Wednesday night. Leigh Qurban, on the other hand, rose to the occasion with jabs at the Lebanese, sexism and a stellar, all-too-short commentary about caesarean births.

With the audience suitably warmed up by more than an hour of comedy, the headline act was well worth the wait. George Kapinaris rocked the house by putting his Greek heritage to good use. Ethnic jokes abound, not limited to his own culture, and where his subject matter crossed over into topics already covered that night, he proved that there is always a fresh take and a new joke to be told.

Kapinaris is proud of his kids and targeted them often with affection, unlike his impersonations of Greek grandmothers who bore the brunt of his mirth. His half-hour routine was worth more than the measly $15 ticket price which averaged out to just $5 per comedian!

A night of great value and greater laughs.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Image of George Kapinaris by JJK Entertainment


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