COMING SOON: Classic Australian label Cue to open new boutique on Rundle Street

Australian label Cue is opening up a new boutique location on Rundle Street in the coming months.

One of Australia’s favourite fashion labels, Cue, is opening up a new boutique store on Rundle Street in the coming months.

Earlier in the year its Rundle Mall boutique closed its doors to now move further down into the East End. The Rundle Street strip is starting to re-gain fashion momentum as new high-end retailers open up including Aje, Saba, Viktoria + Woods — and soon to be Cue.

For the last few decades Cue’s been known for two main things; its minimalistic work wear and the fact it still manufactures a sizeable proportion of its range locally.

But in the last few years the label’s surprisingly moved away from just pencil skirts and “work tops” and launched a subtle rebrand with higher-end pieces and fabrics. They also released a slightly new label (it’s sharper and less cursive) that’s representative of the brand’s evolution and marks a new modern direction for the company.

Image credit: Cue

Last year the label participated in its first-ever runway at the 2023 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week — more than 55 years after launching in the Swinging Sixties.

It says a lot about the brand’s interest in once again rising to the top of Australia’s fashion ladder and wanting to be in front of editors, buyers and influencers.

Its current season features bold tailoring with strong pops of colour: bright red, buttery yellow, sage green and more. It’s been spotted on fashion gods Jessica Roche, Violet Grace Atkinson and Nadia Fairfax, as well local South Australian fashion stylist Lauren Dilena.

Image credit: Cue

Cue has come a long way. The first ever store opened up in Sydney’s Strand Arcade in in 1968 with an array of red plastic furniture, aluminium floors and fashion with a focus on “fun”.

It was in the 80s that Cue moved to putting out chic clothing in line with women starting to climb the corporate ladder. It’s then that the label become synonymous with go-to wardrobe staples.

Now It’s a mix of all the brand’s iterations, with a “fun” twist on elevated everyday and event wear and it’s no doubt going to be a great addition to the East End. Affiliated store Veronika Maine will also be gracing Rundle Street in the coming months as well.

Cue Boutique on Rundle Street
Where: 203 Rundle Street, Adelaide
When: Opening in the coming months

For more information about Cue, click here.

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