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Coming Soon: d’Arenberg launching new restaurant, Singapore Circus

Singapore Circus promises to do-away with costly fine-dining degustations and introduce a fun, flavourful, and more affordable feed-me menu.

McLaren Vale’s d’Arenberg Cube – home to Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement – is more than familiar with the unusual, spectacular, and nonsensical. With melting clocks and a giant Rubik’s cube as a cellar door, d’Arenberg always dares to be different.

For its next act, d’Arenberg is launching a new restaurant that promises to bring the surreal and daring to the plate.

Singapore Circus is the new d’Arenberg food experience that channels the “vibrant, bold and exciting” flavours of South-East Asian inspired cuisine, replacing the famed high-end Cube Restaurant.

Located on level three of the $15m building, Singapore Circus will do-away with costly fine-dining degustations and introduce a fun, flavourful, and more affordable feed-me menu.

Officially launching on Monday 3 October, the new restaurant will be serving dishes such as chewy five spice dumplings, crispy Szechuan quail, Singapore mud crab, and whole Balinese duck, stuffed with spices and pork sausage.

Due to COVID-19 and declining tourism after the December 2019 bushfires, the Cube Restaurant announced its closure in March 2020. Since then, d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant, which is also located on the d’Arenberg property, has been catering casual dining on level 3.

Singapore Circus marks a new chapter for d’Arenberg and promises not only to be a melting pot of great fusion flavours, but a meeting place for a visually audacious and tantalising experience.

d’Arenberg is now accepting preview sittings throughout September ahead of its official launch.

The announcement of Singapore Circus comes just after the welcoming of three new pieces of art to d’Arenberg’s surrealist art gallery.

Directly from the Dalí Universe in Switzerland, Dalí’s Space Venus and Dalinian Dancer found a new home at the d’Arenberg Cube, alongside Charles Billich’s Angels and Demons of Florence.

The monumental sculpture, museum-sized sculpture, and canvas, respectively, joined the exhibition in June, as two major sculptures continue to be on loan.

Discover what’s in store for the McLaren Vale based icon by visiting the d’Arenberg website.

d’Arenberg is located at 58 Osborn Road, McLaren Vale 5171.

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