Coming Soon: EP Spirits set to open the Eyre Peninsula’s first cellar door

Set to open in the Spring, EP Spirits will be opening a stunning, heritage-listed cellar door – the first of its kind on the Eyre Peninsula.

South Australia is home of some fantastic home-grown distillers and producers, and EP Spirits co-owners Kyle Ralston and Dylan Puckridge are leading the charge on the Eyre Peninsula.

After releasing their debut gin in 2021 and opening a pop-up cellar door in March, EP Spirits is now preparing to open the peninsula’s first dedicated gin cellar door.

“I’ve been in Port Lincoln for 4-5 years now, and I first met Dylan was a was a Beverage Manager and he was the trainee on the bar,” said Kyle.

“I was shocked that there were no cellar doors in the whole Eyre Peninsula. I’ve been working in hospitality for 15 years and I felt that it was a shame and I wanted to change that. I spoke about it with Dylan, and he wanted to change it too.

“There has been hurtles along the way, but we just went for it. Dived in. Making the cellar door is now just the next natural step.”

While it is too early to reveal the cellar door’s exact location, Kyle and Dylan are in discussions with an iconic, heritage-listed building in Port Lincoln.

“Because it is a listed building, we have to go through many steps before we can use the building for this purpose,” Kyle continued.

“At the moment, we are in the process of the applications being approved. We don’t know for sure, but we’re aiming to open in the Spring.

“Since it’s a very cold Winter, especially in Lincoln, it would be hard to open now. Opening in Spring would be the perfect timeline, and that’s why we’re put applications in now. We’re feeling confident we could open in the middle of Spring.”

Just like the EP Spirits brand, the cellar door will be an ode to Eyre Peninsula’s rich history and allowing the building to shine.

There is a lot of history in our location, and we’ve always been about history,” he said.

“That’s why we have the compass design on our gin label – because the history of Eyre Peninsula and the fishing trade is important here.

“The place we’re going to has been around since the late 1800s and we want to keep as much of that as possible.

“It’s going to have a vintage look and we’re going to try and keep as much history as possible, as well as exhibiting some art from locals. We want to mix the past with the now.”

Kyle and Dylan, who are well known in the area, will continue to inject a healthy dose of personality into the place, and the cellar door be a wonderful starting point to the region.

“We did the pop up cellar door in March and we got a very good vibe from that. We poured our personalities into it, and we want to continue doing that with the cellar door. We’re very relaxed guys we can have a conversation with anyone!” said Kyle.

“If you were visiting from Adelaide and come to our cellar door, it’ll be like spending time with the locals. If you want to experience what we think the EP is like, try our gin. If you want to experience the people, come to the cellar door.”

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