COMING SOON: feel right at home in Homesick Henley’s new coffee shop

Homesick Henley is set to open in Henley Beach with specialty coffee, sandwiches, quick bites and more.

Homesick Henley is set to open its doors in Henley Beach in the coming weeks, promising to be more than just a coffee shop. It’s a place where locals and visitors can find comfort, quick bites, and a sense of belonging.

The space is currently under construction, with a vision to create a coffee shop that’s warm and welcoming. The venue will be splashed with soothing hues of beige, white, and terracotta, which have been creating a grounding feel for generations, and adds a homely element to the area.

It compliments the coffee shop’s name, Homesick Henley, which is not only inspired by the owners Yaz and Jas’s own experiences, but their love of feeling ‘at home’ at their local cafés.

“My wife and I would always go out to different venues like Exchange, Whistle & Flute and more on Mondays. And then for a while life got in the way and we couldn’t, and we really felt like we missed our favourite places,” Yaz recalls.

“We got withdrawals and we want people to feel like that with us as well. When they don’t come to us, they feel homesick, and then when they come inside, they feel so welcomed again and right at home.”

The menu will be a major drawcard for the coffee shop with expert specialty coffees, sandwiches, and toasties, pastries, fresh juice choices and more.

“We’ve got a tasting soon to lock in our favourite options,” Yaz shares.

From pastrami, smoked chicken to vegetarian and breakfast options, there will be something to satisfy every palate. The café will proudly serve bread from the Village Baker, known for its big, soft, and delicious loaves, perfect for toasting or enjoying fresh.

The sandwich menu will feature a concise selection of five items, complemented by breakfast granola, fruit salad, delectable banana bread, and an assortment of pastries.

The star of the show will be the coffee from Veneziano, who were born out of Melbourne and now have a roaster here in South Australia as well.

“For me, it was important to have a relationship with the people as well as love the quality of the product. I like high-end coffee; I’m a coffee snob and I’m very particular with what I choose, so I think it will be a winner in the beach area,” Yaz shares.

So why Henley Beach? According to Yaz, it’s not just about the picturesque location; it’s also about the community. “Attaboy will be opening next door and we have kept in touch,” he explains.

“While I live on the opposite end of SA, [the owner] said it would be a great compliment next to a barber shop. The location is great, but inside is even better.”

Yaz’s journey to owning a coffee shop has been a long-time dream. “I’ve been in the hospitality world for over a decade and managed coffee shops,” he says. “I’ve never had the balls to open my own and wanted to wait for the right time. This is it. It’s always been a dream to own my own shop and have things done the way I’ve envisioned.”

Homesick Henley
Where: 1/337 Military Road, Henley Beach
Opening: In the next few weeks
More info: @homesick.henley

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