Coming Soon: Mia Margarita masterminds to launch new breakfast venture, Beachside Bagels

Beachside Bagels is the new kid heading to Henley, dishing up takeaway gourmet bagels and coffee from Mia Margarita’s incoming servery window.

Since 2019, Mia Margarita has been a go-to venue for seaside margaritas and Mexican food on Henley Square. Now – in addition to its burrito bowls, pulled pork quesadillas, and fried chicken tacos – the restaurant will be introducing a new breakfast/brunch offering.  

Beachside Bagels is the new kid heading to Henley, dishing up takeaway gourmet bagels and coffee from Mia Margarita’s incoming servery window. Hopefully opening in 1-2 months’ time, Beachside Bagels will be serving some classic bagel favourites, as well as some cheeky mix-ups.

Mia Margarita Venue Manager Josh Lucas shared that Henley Beach currently has a bagel-shaped hole in the market.

“Bagels are popping off,” says Josh. “But there’s nothing really like [Beachside Bagels] at Henley.”

It’s projected that the new window will serve classic favourites like smoked salmon and pickled onions, alongside its featured bagel – the Reuben, served with corned beef and sauerkraut.

Familiar Mia Margarita flavours will also make an appearance on the menu… three words: Pulled. Pork. Bagels.

Venue Owner Zac Makins also hopes to introduce some “Create Your Own Bagel” competitions where your recipe can feature on the menu and be named after you for one month.

The introduction of Beachside Bagels is a part of a wider restaurant renovation being undertaken at Mia Margarita at the moment.

Once restaurant renos are completed, alongside council developments being undertaken on the outside of the property, the Mia Margarita team also hopes to make Beachside Bagels dual-purposed.

“Beachside Bagels will be the take-and-go option, serving takeaway coffee and bagels from approximately 7am – 2pm,” says Zac.

“Once the bagels are done for the day, the window will double up as an outdoor bar area. We’re installing bifold windows so we can achieve that outdoor, eating/drinking party vibe that Henley is known for, and have outdoor furniture set up.”

The new outdoor focus will tie in nicely with Mia Margarita’s new interior aesthetic, which will be more “earthy” and costal”.

“I’ve owned this venue by myself for three years, so it was time for a rehaul,” says Zac.

“The new venue design will be a crisper, more elegant feel, crossed with a raw beach feel.”

Zac went on to say that, in an effort to “step it up a bit”, Mia Margarita will have new Venetian plastering and a clean, simple colour palate.

“My background is in property development, so a key passion of mine is design,” added Zac.

“It will have a coastal, beachside vibe with earthy tones. Almost like a casual Bondi experience.”

Beachside Bagels will open within the Mia Margarita building at 330 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022.

For updates, check out the new Beachside Bagels social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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