COMING SOON: New Acai bar Toucan Tango will make your taste buds dance

Acai bar Toucan Tango will open in Henley Beach later this month, ready to make taste buds dance.

Picture credit: Toucan Tango

South Australia, get ready to eat your heart out at the state’s newest insta-worthy dessert spot later this month as Toucan Tango prepares to open in Henley Beach.

As another brain child of cult classic Lukoumades, Alex is set to recapture the hearts of sweet tooths everywhere with his new Acai bar.

“We just thought that a fresh idea, a fresh concept would be worthwhile,” Alex said.

“I was really inspired when I was at the Borough Markets London with their chocolate taps and fresh produce, it will be something really new for Adelaide and we can’t wait.”

We know what you’re already thinking, what so new about Acai? Well those who love a little after dinner treat or an afternoon pick up me up, you will get a whole lot more that just some cold Acai in a cup. Alex revealed customers will be able to indulge in a frozen yoghurt machine with melted peanut butter, Biscoff as well as offering whole coconuts with a delightful sweet twist.

Of course, if you’re not looking to be super extra with your order, you can always opt for the classic strawberry, blueberry and coconut pairing.

There will also be a range of smoothie and cold press juices available for those on the go.

The store takes over the former Lukoumades site, as Alex cites a new change of pace was in order for while the Greek donut space will be no more, Alex said their ties with the seaside community were too great to completely say goodbye.

“We have been in Henley for a long time, we were one of the first desert places there,” he said.

“It’s such a good spot down there with a huge a variety of everything but it’s time for something new.

“We’re really excited about the new look of the space and we can’t wait to open,” he said.

The new look store is already turning heads, with locals catching glimpse of a newly crafted mural to complement the fresh ingredients that are waiting to be served.

Keen to get back to doing what they love, Alex promised a sweet treat for those who are eager to head to opening weekend.

“On the Sunday we will be giving away the first 100kg of Acai from 11am for anyone who wants their taste buds to dance at Toucan Tango.”

The store officially opens on Friday, January 19 and with the weather set to be absolutely prime, you’d be silly not to head down and try it.

What: Toucan Tango

Where: Henley Square, Henley Beach.

When: 9am Friday, January 19.

For more information, click here.

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