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NOW OPEN! New Bar ‘Next Door’ Is Prohibition Liquor Co’s Younger Sibling, And Is Just As Fond Of Gin

The team behind the internationally acclaimed Prohibition Liquor Co have opened a new bar right next door to the brand’s iconic CBD distillery.

Photos by Neely Karimi

“There’s no point in shying away from the fact that we’re right next door,” says Adam Carpenter, of Prohibition Liquor Co.

The comment is rather tongue in cheek, given the new bar we are standing in is in fact named, Next Door. 

Carpenter and his business partner, Wes Heddles, own the now internationally acclaimed Prohibition Liquor Co.

And the location of their new bar? Right next door to the brand’s iconic CBD distillery.  

“It’s less of a cellar door and more of a cocktail bar,” continues Carpenter.

When we first visited Next Door, the space was still a work in progress. Now, it is a vivid realisation of what was painted by Adam during our initial chat.

In terms of the interior design, Carpenter credits Danielle Stergiou-Corolis and her company 2D Design, saying that the bar is the focal point in the room. Another eye-catching element is the shelf that is brimming with a number in the 140s of gin botanicals.

Local artist and designer Gary Seaman worked on the floor to ceiling surrealist mural in just a week, with Carpenter commenting that it’s a “see for yourself” sort of piece.

A doorway connects Next Door with the distillery, which, shares its premises with coffee shop, Tell Henry. Carpenter says the door will often remain open, serving as a further act of connectedness between the venues.

“We’re keeping the craft spirit focus,” says Carpenter. “We’re not going to lose our heritage there.” 

Similarly to the distillery, Next Door will feature a rotating range of select craft beers and wines, but will move away from gin tasting flights, opting more for craft cocktails. The offering has been lifted to create a slightly more elevated experience. Next Door is a somewhat cosier area than the distillery, with a bigger focus on food.

“We’re going to have a gourmet platter and tapas offering,” says Carpenter, although he does stress that this is first and foremost, a cocktail bar. 

Much like the identity of Prohibition, the cocktails have a 1920s theme, with the Clandestine Club and an elevated Gimlet being cocktails to try, and try again.

The venture is a natural next step for Carpenter and Heddles. Given the popularity and acclaim for their distillery, it would appear there are big shoes to fill, but a whole lot of potential for younger sibling, Next Door. 

Next Door is now open and can be located next door to Tell Henry, which sits next door to Prohibition Liquor Co.

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