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Coming Soon: New SA hair and skincare brand launches debut scalp elixr

New SA brand, Ellà Vié, has just released its debut sustainably made, vegan and cruelty-free scalp elixr, featuring jojoba and sunflower oil.

If you’re in need of a new hair routine to keep you looking fresh all day every day, Ellà Vié has got you covered. Ellà Vié is a new hair and skincare company run by Rafaela Shkambi, a registered cosmetic injector, who has been helping clients with skin and hair issues for years.

After the initial plans for the product came about four years ago, Rafaela found herself developing her new scalp elixir during the pandemic after losing face-to-face time with her beloved clients.

Her passion for helping her clients led to the production of the new scalp elixir becoming a reality, giving clients a sustainably made, vegan and cruelty-free product designed to cater to everyone’s needs. 

Ellà Vié scalp elixir is a waterless, jojoba and sunflower oiled based treatment that is entirely free of fragrance, preservatives, and alcohols. The product targets a range of different scalp issues like dandruff, eczema, alopecia and more, making it suitable for all.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to the perfect self-care day, Ellà Vié will do the trick. Made from lavender and rosemary, the elixir oozes calmness, leaving you feeling fresh after a long day on the grind. Every ingredient has been carefully picked to bring you the perfect hair treatment packed with everything you need to keep your hair looking its absolute best.  

The company prides itself on sustainability at every level, with fully recyclable lightweight packaging and cruelty free production. The team have also has made the active choice to avoid using water in response to water scarcity concerns in certain parts of the world.

Ellà Vié elixir is suited for all genders to help minimise the risk of hair loss for everyone. The company also assures us the product will be affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to get your hair looking fresh.

The product will be launching soon, to keep up to date with Ellà Vié head to its Instagram page here.

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