COMING SOON: Script & Bean set to win hearts in heritage listed Dymocks bookstore

Adelaide’s CBD is set to welcome a brand new coffee shop, nestled between some classic tales. Find out more here.

Nestled in the corner of one of Adelaide’s most stunning heritage listed buildings, Script and Bean is set to become your go-to coffee spot in the CBD, brought to you by the owners of Signature Coffee co.

Located within the Dymocks at Regent Arcade, the inviting space boasts floor to ceilings windows, ready for you to people watch until your hearts content while you soak in classic tails.

For owner Anne-Marie Thornhill, the new space came by a chance encounter on a random Friday night last year.

“I had actually popped into Dymocks to pick up a book for my daughter, I was that typical last customer of the night when I just saw this beautiful vacant space with the beautiful arch windows, something just clicked,” Anne-Marie Thornhill said.

“I went home and began madly googling who to get in contact with and found Dymocks head of operations in Sydney and just asked would they like me to put a cafe in that empty space. Nine months later, here we are.”

For the last several years, Anne has been busy serving fresh coffee to the community of Happy Valley out of her mobile coffee at several markets, before winning the tender at the Happy Valley Reservoir. But there was a scratching for more.

“Having premises had been on my radar for quite a while but there was nothing going locally that we liked the look of,” she said.

“We wanted to find the right location with the right customer base, so the minute we found this it just ticked all the boxes.”

The new space will be a family owned and operated cafe, with Anne’s husband saying goodbye to his defence industry career of 30 years, to help run the cafe’s operations.

“We are all in, it’s a chance that we are prepared to risk and make it work,” Anne said.

“My son loves all things coffee since he was about 11 so he will be working behind the counter whenever he can, my daughter will also come in when she can, it’s going to be really exciting.”

The cozy space will lean into the bookshop vibe, making each customer feel immersed into the pages that surround them as they sip on a warm cup of coffee or one of 10 signature hot chocolates that will be on offer.

“We are going to have some beautiful wingback chairs, we are going to have some uniques pieces that are all book related and instagram worthy,” Anne said.

“The side tables will be made out wooden books, there will be a unique clock completely made out of books, we are really going to lean into it.”

You will also be able to grab some yummy treats as you relax into the space, with everything on offer from a glorious summer salad to warm, soulful soup for those cool winter days.

“We’re doing light meals, along with stocking local cakes, cookies along with vegan and gluten free options.

“Simple food just done well.”

While the opening of the cafe is still a month or so away, place it on your list of new cafes to check out this year!

Script & Bean
Where: Regent Theatre Level 1, Shop 45 101/107 Rundle Mall
When: TBC!

For more info, click here.

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