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Community event Salty Sips is back to wake up your mornings

Salty Sips is back every Wednesday, with their free community event designed to promote wellness and connection.

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If you hit mid-week hump day and are struggling to get through the rest of the work week, or you’re wondering how you’re gonna make it to the weekend in one piece with all of life’s responsibilities, it’s probably a good indicator that you need to take a time out for you—to refresh, rejuvenate and refuel your mind, body and soul.

Luckily, we’ve got just the Wednesday ritual designed to not only wake you up (literally) but to bring more invigoration, more connection, and of course, more wellness into your week.

Popular free community event Salty Sips is back as of this week, and with the warmer weather officially here, it’s the perfect morning experience to kick start your day and to help support your health and well-being as you tackle your day-to-day.

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Alternating between Henley and Glenelg every week, the Wednesday morning ritual begins with a half-hour 6:30 am yoga session guided by the team from Human.Kind studios, followed by the optional ocean dip—no matter what the temperature is outside.

‘Our rationale for starting Salty Sips down at Glenelg was for two reasons,’ says Tess Fuller, Human.Kind Studios Marketing Manager. ‘We have a studio there and wanted to involve and invite our existing community to join in the morning event, and a lot of people that live further South in areas like Brighton and Seacliff had been wanting to come to Henley, but the commute was just too far for them in the mornings—now it’s much closer!’

The morning doesn’t stop at the ocean’s edge, either.

After immersing yourself and waking the senses with the saltiness of the sea, it’s time for warm brews and conversations with fellow Salty Sippers, with nearby cafes in both Henley Beach and Glenelg offering coffee and often special brekky deals for all who attend, to pause and connect with each other.

‘Joe’s’ and Malobo at Henley are part of our Salty Sips mornings, offering a special brekky deal for our community when we’re there, with coffee and various food options’, says Tess. ‘Down at Glenelg, we have Fourth, and the new Dantes Deli is serving up coffee and the perfect grab-and-go ham and cheese toasty for all our Glenelg Sippers’, says Tess.

While the post-yoga swim isn’t officially a part of Salties due to insurance reasons (it’s something they’re working on), those keen to dive in can do so, but with a gentle reminder to prioritise safety.

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Founded by Lily Biggs and Nikita Trewartha in 2021, Salty Sips began as an intimate gathering of four friends. Their shared passion for a brisk morning ocean dip blossomed into a community now numbering over 400 active participants.

What made the event truly special was the collaborative energy of Ciara Foley, a physiotherapist from Human.Kind and Jamie Bucirde, a teacher training graduate, who both brought an invigorating pre-swim yoga flow to the experience. Over time, Human.Kind, with its commitment to creating healthy communities, began supporting and sponsoring the event and eventually took the baton from Lily and Nikita in April 2023.

The result? A synergy of movement, nature, and camaraderie.

‘For us at Human.Kind, Salty Sips is really about community health’, says Triton Tunis-Mitchell, Co-founder of Human.Kind Studios. ‘We want to equip people with the skills to live a healthy life and to take some time out from their day to connect, move and breathe.’

Triton, who has a background in physiotherapy, yoga teaching and even acrobatics, is pleased to be expanding the Salty Sips offering and giving back to the community.

Image credit: Ellie Everett

‘It’s a free event and gives everyone the opportunity to come down and get involved in such an engaging and body-positive experience. Whilst I’ll be a regular face down there, we will have a rotation of instructors, and we’ll often include practices like pilates, breathwork and meditation into the Salty Sip mornings to mix it up and give people a little something extra to start their day’, says Triton.

While the core principles of Salty Sips remain—the unity in showing up at dawn, regardless of the weather; the exhilaration of moving our bodies with yoga or pilates; the thrill of a refreshing swim; and the contentment in sipping warm brews, it’s important to remember that these mornings are more than just about physical activity.

They’re a chance to connect with mind, body and spirit, embrace nature, and foster connections within a community—a brief moment to escape from the mundane and encourage wellness in every sense of the word.

And for those pondering over the essentials—a swimsuit, warm layers, a towel or yoga mat, and a reusable coffee cup are all you need to be a part of this experience.

Every sunrise offers a fresh start, and with Salty Sips, this is felt deeply. It’s an open invitation to anyone and everyone, irrespective of age or skill level. Come with a friend or alone and be a part of the movement—it’s a chance to slow down and begin every Wednesday with a little bit of clarity, purpose, and inner warmth.

What: Salty Sips.
Where: Henley Square and Glenelg Beach.
When: Every Wednesday—6:30 am yoga flow, 7 am ocean dip, coffee, snacks and chats to follow.
For more info, click here.

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