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Cookbook Review: Eat Yourself Healthy, by Dr Megan Rossi

The go-to lifestyle guide for a happy gut that will transform your health and well-being, drawing from the latest scientific research.

This comprehensive gut health book includes some fantastic recipes and addresses many common ailments.

Former Australian Olympic synchronised swimming team dietician and world-famous gut health specialist, Dr Megan Rossi, has published her first book, Eat Yourself Healthy. Within the text of this appealingly designed book, this ‘wellness star’ shares her amazing and extensive knowledge in a comprehensive guide on gut health.

It starts with her story, talks about the science of the gut and then the nutritional powerhouses for optimal gut health. In intricate detail she explains exactly why certain foods are so powerful but then, for the not so interested in detail, but rather just taking action, she creates mini lists to do so.

As leading Research Fellow of King’s College, London, investigating nutrition-based therapies in gastrointestinal health and as co-founder of the Gut Health clinic, she is a leading authority sought out by patients and industry alike.

Consequently, the next part of the book includes addressing the myriad of common complaints she encounters in the field such as bloating, constipation, flatulence, depression or low mood, reflux, heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and she explains how poor gut health impacts on each of these ailments and how they can be cured.

Finally, Dr Rossi talks about seemingly non related gut issues such as sleep, exercise and stress and how these factors also impact gut health, as many people are unaware of the connections.

The last part of the book includes over fifty simple recipes to try and a template for your action plan in each area to help you create healthy habits. Some of these recipes include making both kefir and standard yoghurt, kimchi and sourdough. Out of curiosity, I tried one of these recipes: Creamy Pistachio & Spinach Pesto Pasta.

Although my picture of the final product isn’t quite so pretty as that in the book, I thoroughly enjoyed this pesto pasta and it was very simple to make. Please note: you must have a food processor for a lot of her recipes or, a Nutribullet.

If you want to do your gut a favour, there is no better time to start than by reading and taking action in the new decade upon us!

Reviewed by Rebecca Wu

Distributed by: Penguin Books Australia
Released: September 2019
RRP: $45.00

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