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Cookbook Review: OMD, by Suzy Amis Cameron

A philosophy and detailed program to change, one step at a time, to a plant-based (vegan) diet to improve your health and save the planet. OMD: One Meal a Day.

Not just a recipe book, OMD is, as the cover explains, “The simple, plant-based program to save your health and the planet”. It provides philosophy and detailed program information to change, one step at a time, to a plant-based (vegan) diet. The recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists make this book an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their range of dietary options.

Renowned cook Jamie Oliver says, “Anything that nudges us towards making big changes, one step – just one meal – at a time, is a powerful thing. As Suzy explains, small changes can make a big difference to our health – and the health of future generations.

Not only does Suzy do this but she also shows how small changes can make a huge impact on the health of the planet, giving savings in terms of kilometres of driving, water used and square metres of land simply by using plant rather than animal-based products.

She has provided many tasty recipes that are easy to make and cover a range of types of food. I chose three to review and was impressed with the flavours of each. OMD is a book that will help you make healthier meal choices easily.

Soli and Jasper’s Curtide (page 245)

This is a quick and easy pickled coleslaw from Guatemala. This recipe is a brilliant take on coleslaw. Rather than a bowl, which takes up room in the fridge, I made it in a large sealable jar, enabling me to rotate and stir the pickling fluid. This will be a regular for my summer salad list from now on and can be made several days ahead to allow for the flavours to develop.

Ben’s Apple-Walnut Muffins (page 213)

Moist and particularly good when warm, these muffins became quite crumbly by day three even though refrigerated as recommended. After the first day, I recommend the use of a plant-based spread to help hold them together when serving.

The King’s Shepherd’s Pie (page 241)

I made up a half quantity of this recipe as the eight-person serving was extreme for my family of two. This is the tastiest Shepherd’s Pie we have ever eaten and was easy to make, even with the several stages involved.

Reviewed by Leanne Caune

Rating out of 10:  9

Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: November 2018
RRP: $32.99


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