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Cookbook Review: Smart Snacks, by Flip Shelton & Michael Carr-Gregg

More than 100 mood-boosting, quick and nutritious recipes for surviving the school years.

Trick kids and yourself into healthy snacking with fast, simple recipe ideas

Concerning statistics about childhood obesity are an instant attention-grabber for this invaluable book that recognises that our snacking habits are one of the major contributing factors to Australia’s skyrocketing intake of sugar and subsequent weight gain, particularly in young people.

Television and radio foodie, Flip Shelton, has joined forces with child and adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg to produce a high-impact recipe book that combines simplicity and speed in the kitchen, with healthy snacks that kids will eat and enjoy. They further enhance this must-have cookbook with time and cost saving tips, a discussion on dealing with the stress of study, and other invaluable information.

There are very few photos in the book, keeping it focussed on the information at the start of each chapter, and the subsequent recipes. There are sections on smoothies and juices, dips, chips, midnight munchies, fast food, sangas, and sweet things, amongst others. The recipes are clearly labelled for allergies – which is something often missing from recipes books – noting, for example, if a recipe is gluten, egg, dairy, nut, wheat or grain-free.

I whipped up the Roasted Carrot Dip in no time, with the flavours of turmeric, garlic, ginger and cumin combining into a sensational dip that went perfect on freshly toasted Afghan bread (the real bread found in Afghan supermarkets and bakeries, not the rubbish sometimes found in mainstream supermarkets that taste nothing like it!).

There’s a plethora of amazing snacks available for all tastes, including zucchini or sweet potato chips, ice creams, banana balls, chocolate mousse, and sneaky ways to help kids enjoy the taste of simple green vegetables. Most recipes also have fascinating facts or humorous commentary running down the side – great for a quiz night or to use to engage kids in conversation about the food they’re eating.

Whether with or without children, Smart Snacks is a smart buy for your recipe book collection.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Distributed by: Penguin Random House Australia
Released: February 2019
RRP: $24.99

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