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Cookbook Review: The Keto All Day Cookbook, by Martina Slajerova

A must-have for anyone wanting to simplify their healthier lifestyle choices

Let me start by saying that I’ve never made bread before but, ironically, the bread rolls in this Keto book are to die for. Perfect the first time.

So begins my rave about Slajerova’s superb cookbook, released earlier this year and a must-have for anyone wanting to simplify their healthier lifestyle choices. With over a hundred recipes from countries as varied as Thailand, the USA, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Greece, the selection includes her personal favourites and other recipes for which she’s received rave reviews from family, friends and readers over her past five cookbooks.

The recipes are flagged with a selection of eight icons that provide a visual guide to ideas that are dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, nightshade-free, vegetarian, ideal for intermittent fasting, high in electrolytes and/or induction-friendly. They also come with nutritional facts per serving and the macronutrient ratio for those keeping track of their carb, protein and fat intake.

The icons complement the long-titled chapters that clearly identify each section – for example: Easy, Low-Starch Lunches and High-Fat Dinners All Week Long. The four-page index at the rear then also allows you to quickly find specific recipes either by name or need – Chimichurri on page 171, for example, is listed both under its name, and as a sub-listing under Egg-free Recipes.

Perhaps the only design flaw in this otherwise fine softcover book is the decision to provide the cooking instructions in paragraph form instead of easy to follow steps. The instructions are articulated clearly but it’s an annoyance to have to reread from the top of each paragraph to find your place when following the instructions. The remainder of the page is laid out with more thought, including the tantalising colour photos by the author.

Sourdough Keto Buns (page 10)

I dabbled in two recipes, beginning with my first ever attempt at making bread. I expected a disaster but instead stunned by myself and some friends with the Sourdough Keto Buns. Using almond flour, psyllium husk power and several other dry and wet ingredients, these buns were, as promised, better than regular high-carb versions. The inside was light and fluffy, and remained so for several days, thanks to the lightly crunchy crust. The method is super easy to follow and a few dot-point notes at the end help the novice cook get it right.

Zucchini Lasagna (page 81)

I’m a fan of Moussaka, but often stuff it up with the eggplant rarely cooking right for me, so I was keen to try this version using zucchini instead. What can I say but thank you Martina, please marry me! This is not only a low-carb and healthier version of any kind of lasagne I’ve tried before, but the flavours found in the combination of paprika, oregano, basil and other ingredients settle in over time, making it even tastier the next day. This is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet without feeling like you’re force-feeding them to yourself in an effort to be healthy.

There’s a Butter Chicken, a Beef Bourguignon, a Caesar Salad, a Breakfast Bowl and some Spanish Eggs that I’m keen to try out next, and that’s just from my first sweep of the book. There’s many more on my future menus, keeping The Keto All Day Cookbook in easy reach on the kitchen shelf.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: February 2019
RRP: $29.99

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