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Coopers Brewery unveils 1,200 new big things across Australia

In a bold move celebrating its status as the last ‘local everywhere’ beer, Coopers is making a splash in the beer world.

Summer in Australia just got a whole lot more exciting with Coopers Brewery unleashing over 1,200 augmented reality ‘Big Ales’ across the nation.

In a bold move celebrating its status as the last ‘local everywhere’ beer, Coopers is making a splash in the beer world.

A recent study commissioned by Coopers shows that 70% of Aussie beer drinkers are on the hunt for locally brewed and owned beers. And Coopers, being the last big-beer brand that’s locally owned and operated, is taking this to heart.

The ‘Local, Everywhere’ campaign is a nod to Coopers’ roots in Adelaide and its growth across Australia. And what better way to celebrate local Aussie culture than with ‘Big Things’? Yes, Coopers is bringing to life over 1,200 50ft virtual ‘Big Ales’ in an augmented reality experience that’s set to be the next big thing in big things.

From Coopers Brewery and Kangaroo Island in SA to Byron Bay Lighthouse and Bondi Beach in NSW, these ‘Big Ales’ are popping up at Australia’s favorite spots.

Imagine taking a selfie with a 50ft Big Ale at Cottesloe Beach or Rottnest Island in WA, or at Victoria’s Luna Park.

Coopers isn’t stopping there. They’re also hosting a series of bar shouts across the country this week. Keep an eye on Coopers’ Instagram page for updates and locations. It’s a chance to celebrate with a cold one, on Coopers!

Dr Tim Cooper AM, Managing Director and fifth generation Cooper said “As a locally owned company, Coopers is proud to have evolved over 160 years to become the largest independent brewery in Australia. Being family-owned, we’re passionate about our tradition of brewing great tasting and affordable beers for our loyal drinkers across the country.”

Of Coopers drinkers surveyed, half of respondents ranked feeling ‘proud to purchase from an Australian made, owned and operated brand’ as a result of their beer choice, with 46% glad their drinking choices were contributing to the Australian brewing industry and economy. Nearly 60% said they felt happy that family brewed beer brands still existed in Australia, with South Australians most likely to express this at 78%. 

In a timely finding for Coopers, alcohol tourism was also shown to play a large role in purchasing decisions, with one in five more likely to buy from a beer brand where they have visited the brewery. Construction is underway on Coopers’ new world-class visitor centre, microbrewery and whisky distillery at its home in Regency Park, South Australia. This development will position Coopers for the future with interstate and international visitors to the brewery also front-of-mind.

“This is a significant and very exciting undertaking for Coopers and we’re excited as to the opportunities our brand home will open up in deepening relationships with new and existing brand fans. The progress made to-date has been incredibly positive and we look forward to welcoming visitors from across Australia and overseas once it’s completed. ” Dr Cooper said.

The Coopers ‘Local Everywhere’ Big Ales will be live until mid-February in over 1200 destinations across South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, ACT and Western Australia.

Locals and tourists alike can partake by using an augmented reality experience to find their town’s nearest “Big Ale”. Additionally, locals can commemorate the experience through a limited-edition Big Ale merch range, with fans across the country able to get their hands on commemorative custom location tea towels. 

Visit on Safari (iOS users) or Google Chrome (Android users) to access the AR experience.

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