Coopers Shines Light On Life After Dark Art Installation

Coopers Brewery is shining a light on a unique handcrafted billboard to promote its dark brew, Coopers Dark Ale.

Created by Chicago-based street artist and illustrator POSE, the billboard pays homage to Australia’s night owls and underground communities – the types of characters that only come out at night.

The UV painted art installation titled Life After Dark appears as a blank canvas during the day and then transforms into a myriad of luminous street art-style illustrations by night.

The billboard will be unveiled for the first time in Adelaide tonight in the alley way of the Dog and Duck Hotel on Hindley Street, from 6.00pm.

It has previously been on show to members of the public in the eclectic suburb of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

The campaign also includes a three-part video series that can be viewed via the website

“Coopers Dark Ale has been handcrafted using the finest ingredients,” said Coopers’ Marketing Director, Mr Cam Pearce.

“The UV art installation is a perfect reflection of that.”


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