Coorong kayaking launch digital detox day experience for families looking to ditch technology

Introducing the one-day Wilderness Day as an alternative to the full weekend experience which includes two group psychology sessions for families.

Parents have had it tough these past few years, trying to navigate homeschooling and everchanging familial relationships, while also keeping the kids entertained during lockdowns and isolation weeks.

For lack of better options, many families have fallen down the tech-addiction rabbit-hole and are struggling to get back to a routine involving the outdoors, exercise, and sunshine: but now, it’s time for a detox.

Canoe the Coorong and OK Psychology have teamed up to launch a day of jam-packed with fantastic, technology free activities to encourage you to immerse in the outback.

Coming off the back of their two-day detox weekend, the new one-day option caters for those who aren’t yet ready for the two-day option, or are too busy for the longer option.

Designed for parents and their kids aged 10-17, the tech-free retreat gave families the opportunity to reset in the stunning surrounds of the Coorong National Park.

In 2020, Brenton Carle of Canoe the Coorong and Simon Andrews of OK Psychology came up with the great idea of developing a digital detox weekend.

The duo has returned in 2022 to introduce the one-day Wilderness Day as an alternative to the full weekend experience. As well as being a psychologist for 26 years, Simon is also one of the expert outdoor education guides from Canoe the Coorong which is how the pair came together.

The day away includes kayaking, walking through the dunes, learning about wildlife, collecting cockles, and just taking the time to do nothing!

Participants will also learn strategies to get off technology when you need to get on with your day, as well as how to balance tech-life and real-life activities.

After your expert-led kayak tour, the day also includes two group psychology sessions to help break down communication barriers and establish better tech habits. Post-program follow-up sessions are also available to help maintain new behaviours.

The Details

Age group: 9 years and up with their parents/caregivers.

Dates: Sundays, 9am-5pm – contact OK Psychology to find out upcoming dates.

Location: Launching from the end of Mundoo Channel Drive, Hindmarsh Island or the Goolwa Barrage area, depending upon weather conditions.

Cost: $255 adults, $205 children, and adolescents (psychology sessions, morning tea, lunch, and kayak hire all included).

Private health and NDIS may be applicable for the psychology sessions.

Read more about OK Wilderness here.

Contact [email protected] or call 8264 2311 to book.

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