Costume Students’ Impressive Fairytale-Inspired Designs

Nowadays, with the rising cost of living, prices of material goods are relentlessly increasing. So imagine having to both design and fabricate a theatrical costume of a storybook character for under $25. For TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts first year Costume for Performance students, this was their final challenge of the year – and it was with envious capability that they embraced it.

The talented class wound up producing a wide array of costumes, based on a variety of big fictional paragons. Alice in Wonderland, Long John Silver, Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Hook and – with Wicked making its merry way to Adelaide very soon – Glinda the Good Witch, just to name a few.

Costume for Performance lecturer, Jenny Ramos, remarked, “We have an exceptional group of first year students who have been doing fabulous work all year, and this storybook collection is a testament to their talents, dedication to their craft and the practical training offered at TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts.”

What is most impressive, however, is the long way students have come after just 12 months of study. With many having possessed no sewing or pattern-making experience prior to the course, their inestimable talent is easily presented. If their current costumes are any indication, there is a chance we might very well be seeing their designs and craftsmanship gracing the stages and screens in years to come.

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