Couture Elegance On Show At Calèche Ruby Jubilee – Photos

Calèche Bridal House celebrated their 40th birthday on Wednesday this week in glamorous style with a couture fashion parade at The Art Gallery of South Australia.

caleche40th-103Calèche Bridal House celebrated their 40th birthday on Wednesday this week in glamorous style with a couture fashion parade at The Art Gallery of South Australia.

Finesse Models living mannequins made a beautiful feature at the iconic venue, perched elegantly within each room. Invited guests were treated to Hesketh Wines and Art Gallery Food and Wine hospitality as they awaited the parade.

After 40 years of producing exquisite gowns and designs for the most discerning women, the parade lived up to expectations. Models floated along the catwalk wearing a celebration of fine couture gowns, with the Calèche Ruby Collection and the stunning new Evening & Cocktail collection on show.

Dynamic red show-stopping gowns cut through the dark and inspired guests for upcoming gala events, while the magic of bridal lace, beading and intricate detailing wasn’t lost on the VIPs either.

As host, Jane Reilly congratulated the South Australian company for their strong 40 years after establishment by Colette Foubert in 1973. She also commented on just how special Calèche made the experience of creating her own custom gown for the night, and remarked on how comfortable it was to wear.

Calèche also made a special thank you to the women who have enjoyed supporting and dressing in their hand-crafted designs, made locally in their Norwood design rooms, over the past 40 years.

Calèche will continue to build their strong reputation in couture with their gowns and new evening wear collection stocked across Australia and New Zealand.

View their Ruby Collection here:

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