COVID-19: 9 Ways You Can Support South Aussie Cafes & Restaurants

If you’re looking for ways to help your local cafes and restaurants get through these trying times, here’s a list of simple things you can do.

With so many businesses struggling at the moment, there’s a stack of easy ways you can support your favourite local cafes and restaurants. A little bit of help from all their loyal customers will go a long way!

1. Go Visit Them!

While outdoor gatherings over 500, and indoor gatherings over 100 are restricted, we are still able to go out and enjoy our favourite restaurants and cafes. Some places like George’s On Waymouth have implemented things like restricted seating (now a max of 50 seats in their restaurant) and they’ve spaced their tables out even further. We’ve also seen a lot of our local favourites putting up posts about increased cleaning, hygiene and measures being taken by their teams, to keep their venues safer for their customers.

2. Buy a gift voucher

You know you’ll be going back once things settle down, so give your favourite cafes or restaurants an immediate cash injection by buying a voucher. Then you can use it at a later date. Or even better, buy all your friends vouchers from your favourite local businesses for gifts this year.

3. Find out if they deliver or get take away

If you’re wanting to avoid sitting in a restaurant or cafe, why not grab some take away to go, or order some delivery. Deliveroo are now offering contact free deliveries for meals. So you can Netflix and chill, while supporting some of our city’s best eateries.

4. Leave a Tip

Aussies aren’t great at this, but if you are eating out, consider leaving a tip. Every cent counts.

5. Honour your reservations

One of the worst things you can do is book and then not show up. It means the venue can’t give your table away, reducing their business and their income for the night. Don’t be a jerk, cancel if you decide not to go. Or better yet, just go!

6. Recommend your faves to your friends

Adelaide loves a good recommendation – so tell all your friends about your favourite places to eat, and help drive some customers their way.

7. Support them on social media

This one is super easy. Find your favourite venues, follow their pages and then comment, like, share their posts and interact. It helps spread their posts further, and shows your support for them. But don’t forget, one like doesn’t equal one prayer. You need to still spend money with them when you can.

8. Post your own photos and experiences

There’s nothing quite like an insta photo to make you get out of bed and head to brunch. Post your own photos from your hit list of cafes and restaurants and show people what they’re missing. Better yet, use some craft hashtags so the photos get found by people looking for some place good to eat.

9. Write a review

Make your love official. Write a review on Tripadvisor or Facebook or whatever your preferred review platform is. Make it easy for ANYONE to see how good these places are. Everything helps, particularly in such a tough time.

10. Finally, please be kind.

Not only to the venues who are facing a lot of pressure, but also to people like us, who are trying our best to help everyone. Please remember that in a crisis like this there are A LOT of businesses and industries to help. We are all doing the best we can to support them all. After showing so much love to each other and our communities during the bushfire crisis, let’s continue that as much as we can, because mental health is as important as physical health in times like these.


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