COVID-19: Mount Pleasant Butcher Needs Help Selling Tonnes of Mettwurst After Cancelled Orders • Glam Adelaide

COVID-19: Mount Pleasant Butcher Needs Help Selling Tonnes of Mettwurst After Cancelled Orders

Forget toilet paper, here’s something you can stock up on that’s delicious, will last for ages, and by buying it, you’ll be helping to save an SA business.


With all the chaos and uncertainty around COVID-19 and what that means for local businesses, the constantly changing landscape means plenty of SA companies have already been impacted – via cancelled events, staff staying home to self isolate or quarantine, customers staying away, and more.

South Australia has shown its community spirit and kindness through the recent bushfire period, and while we continue to help those impacted communities to rebuild and move forward, we now need to also consider how we can help South Australia overall going forward.

Glam Adelaide will be pulling together a series of guides and resources in the coming weeks, to help you find ways to support SA businesses, so hopefully as many companies as possible come out the other side of this – and are still operational, giving our state much-needed jobs, and a future.

Today we’re focusing on the Mount Pleasant Butcher, who has had a major order cancelled, leaving TONNES of Muttwurst, biersticks, jerky, available, and no wholesalers able to take them. They’re selling the long-lasting cured meats for wholesale prices, and can post them out to you if you can’t get to Mount Pleasant. Best of all, they have a 6 month shelf life before their best-before date hits, so it’s perfect for stocking up the cupboard (and let’s face it, mettwurst wins over Spam any day).

Here’s what they posted on Facebook today (March 15th 2020)

Just to give u a idea how the corona virus has all ready affected Mt p butcher.

On Friday we manufactured 1 tonne of Mettwurst as we do on a minimum basis weekly. Only 1 hour after we finished our Melbourne distributor cancelled all orders for the next month. As all the fairs and markets have been cancelled.

Then we get notice the Mt pleasant show has also been cancelled that was also just manufactured Friday. So we have a few tonne of mettwurst we need to sell .

So if you can help us out and buy some of our mettwurst, biersticks, jerky, etc.

That would be greatly appreciated.

At wholesale prices.

800gm sticks garlic and plain $15 each Save $1 each
400gm sticks all flavours $9 each save $2 each

Shelf stable food 

We can also post to you australia wide 
3 kg bag $13
5 kg bag $17 

Phone the shop to order 85682 019
Or email 
[email protected]

Here’s the link to the Mount Pleasant Butcher Facebook page if you’re after more info:


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