COVID-19: Part Time Lover Launches Takeaway Menu (And We Rejoice) • Glam Adelaide

COVID-19: Part Time Lover Launches Takeaway Menu (And We Rejoice)

Following a growing trend towards take away and home deliver, Part Time Lover has jumped on the bandwagon and we couldn’t be happier.


Well, if you’re looking for silver linings during these trying times, this has to be one of them. Part Time Lover, for those who are yet to be acquainted, is a fairly new restaurant in the heart of Adelaide that serves AMAZING FOOD. Like, seriously amazing. Their corn is to die for (who thought I’d ever be saying that), and they have so many other delicious dishes – I really just recommend checking them out and eating your fill. The one vice with this fabulous place however, is that they didn’t do take away. Until now.

Today Part Time Lover launched their take away menu (which will soon also be available via delivery services), which is now available from 11am to 2pm.

The menu includes delights such as the crispy halloumi burger, Vietnamese drab burger, their famous salt & pepper bug rolls, miso roasted cauliflower salad, Sriracha & maple fried chicken and more.

You’ll find Part Time Lover in Pilgrim Lane (between Pirie and Flinder Street behind Town Hall). Check out their Facebook page here.

To order call 0488 448 807 (and keep asking if they can deliver!)

Don’t forget all of Adelaide’s other amazing cafes and restaurants that also need your business now, more than ever. Here’s a quick guide on how you can help support those venues you love.


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