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COVID-19 PM UPDATE: Public Gatherings Limited To Two People, Over 70s To Stay Home, Moratorium On Evictions

Following today’s National Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister announced public gatherings are now limited to two, those 70+ should self-isolate as much as possible, and a moratorium on evictions.


Following today’s National Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given a press conference to outline the key points discussed and decided upon.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the devastation of the past week, with hundreds of thousands of people having left the workforce, businesses closing, and sixteen people having lost their lives.

This morning, the Prime Minister detailed a $1.1 billion health package, including funding for mental health, domestic violence, Telehealth services, and food relief. Read they key points here.

As stated this morning, last week’s case increase was between 20-30% percent. Today, the case increase was only 9%. This is positive but the Prime Minister stated there are no guarantees for future case increase percentages.

Key points from the press conference are detailed below.

Key Points

Public Gatherings Limited To Two People

The advised limit for public gatherings is now two people (exceeding your household), with states and territories to decide if this is made enforceable.

In all cases, this is the strong advice for all of Australia.

As decided in the National Cabinet meeting, the public must stay at home unless:

  • Shopping for essentials (to be done as infrequently as possible)
  • Medical care
  • Exercise
  • Work and education (only if you cannot work remotely)

Public playgrounds, skateparks and exercise areas are all closed from tomorrow.

Over 70s To Stay Home

The Prime Minister strongly advised those aged 70+ should remain at home and self isolate as much as possible for their own protection. These people can go outside accompanied by a support person but contact should be limited with other people as much as possible.

This also applies to indigenous people over the age of 50, and those over the age of 60 with health issues.

Moratorium On Evictions

There will be a moratorium on evictions for the next six months under rental arrangements.

The Prime Minister encouraged speaking to landlords and start a conversation, so as to come to a reasonable agreement. This is part of the hibernation approach, with the Prime Minister stating that the intention is for businesses to be open on the other side of this.

More info to come.


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